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 Short film, Web & Musical,      WINNERS 2023

Tzithu. Oscar Ortega Navoa – Mexico

Best Fiction Short Film

Tzithu 2.jpg

Best Documentary Short Film

The Torito, a freedom dance. Roberto Salazar – Mexico

The Torito, a freedom dance 2.jpg

Best Experimental Short Film

Skinned. Mike Hoolboom – Canada 


Born Again Reject. Gene Graham - United States

Best Terror Short Film

Born Again Reject 2.jpg

The Girl Behind the Mirror. Iuri Moreno – Brazil 

Best LGBT Short Film

The Girl Behind the Mirror 2.jpg

Best Animated Short Film

HIDARI. Masashi Kawamura – Japan

HIDARI 2.jpg

Best Opera Prima Short Film

Arder. Maitén del Valle – Argentina


Best Indie Short Film

Old Glory. Eric Correa - Chile

Old Glory 2.jpg

Best Student Short Film

Vela. Esteban Powell – Canada

Vela 2.jpg

Best Web/New Media

Los Cuentos del Mono Kosmico: Amerindia. Bastián de Luka – Mexico

Los Cuentos del Mono Kosmico Amerindia.jpg

Best Music Videos

WTCHSONG. Lina Bembe – Germany


Best Screenplay

Kabuk (The Shell). Hakan Ünal – Turkey

Kabuk The Shell.jpg
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